We are proud to be a Prestige Italy saddle dealer. Prestige saddles are high end Italian luxury saddles that come in a variety of styles and price ranges. All saddles are available in various flap sizes and tree sizes to fit any horse and rider. Prestige saddles feature carbon fiber trees that are adjustable by a heating process so you need not worry about your saddle not fitting future horses. Plus, they are available with wool flocking, which is easily adjusted to fit horses by a professional saddle fitter. Prestige Italy has a fantastic demo saddle program, allowing you to try out different models before you buy. For more information about Prestige Saddles, ordering, or demo saddles, call us at 913.239.9947 or visit their website


As of 11/1/17 we will only be accepting used saddles made in 2000 or newer.  This decision has been made because of the difficulty we have faced in selling saddles made prior to 2000. Many of these saddles have narrow trees that do not fit todays horses, and many have outdated features, like suede knee rolls or completely flat flaps. Not to mention, many saddles do not age well; the panels can become too hard or become too flat, which can cause pain to your horse. We will also no longer accept all-purpose saddles. These saddles are equally difficult to sell to our customer base, as most people want specifically jumping OR dressage saddles. As always, we will accept dressage saddles on an as-needed basis. Dressage saddles do not move quickly in our store as our customer base remains primarily jumping disciplines. We want to provide our customers with quality saddles in all price ranges, and it is very important to us that your new (used) saddle will improve your riding and be comfortable for your horse. Thank you for your understanding with these changes. Brands of saddles that we are interested in selling are Beval, HDR, M.Toulouse, Ovation, Pessoa, Devoucoux, Prestige, Antares, CWD, Bates, Wintec, Crosby, Collegiate, and more. 


saddle fitting

In Kansas City we are fortunate to have access to a professional saddle fitter, Karen Withstandley of The Refined Equine. Karen is based out of Connecticut and services English and Western saddles along the east coast. Karen comes to KC twice a year to service saddles in the area. If you are interested in a professional saddle fitting you may find more information and contact information on her website If you need an educated non-pro opinion about the fit of your saddle, please call Kelly at 913.239.9947 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment at your home or barn. We will always recommend a follow-up professional fitting from Karen after your appointment with Kelly.