We are proud to be a Prestige Italy saddle dealer. Prestige saddles are high end Italian luxury saddles that come in a variety of styles and price ranges. All saddles are available in various flap sizes and tree sizes to fit any horse and rider. Prestige saddles feature carbon fiber trees that are adjustable by a heating process so you need not worry about your saddle not fitting future horses. Plus, they are available with wool flocking, which is easily adjusted to fit horses by a professional saddle fitter. Prestige Italy has a fantastic demo saddle program, allowing you to try out different models before you buy. For more information about Prestige Saddles, ordering, or demo saddles, call us at 913.239.9947 or visit their website


Below is a list of used saddles we have in stock as of 5/5/16:

18" Pessoa Legacy Event, adjustable tree, excellent condition, with leathers and irons $1675

17.5" Beval Butet, XW tree, 2010 model, 1.5 flap, excellent condition, $3500

17.5" Bates Hunter Jumper saddle, adjustable tree, excellent condition $795

17" Bates All Purpose, adjustable tree, excellent condition $795

17" Crosby XL, wide tree, very good condition $775

17" Prestige Nona Garson, 33cm medium tree, very good condition $1600

17" Devoucoux Biarritz, MW tree, very good condition $2500

17" Arc de Triumph, MW tree, good condition $1200

17" Albion Dressage, XW tree, excellent condition $1100

16.5" Antares, MW tree, 4AB flap, excellent condition $2500

16.5" County Despri, Medium tree, very good condition. Converts from cross country saddle to dressage saddle. $750

16" Beval, Medium tree, good condition $695

16" Collegiate, medium tree, suede knee rolls, very good condition $375

16" Jimmy's 21st Century, narrow tree, very good condition $195

15" Ovation, medium tree, excellent condition $525

15" Pony Pessoa, MW tree, excellent condition $625

15" HDR Advantage, medium tree, good condition $575

15" HDR Pony Pro, MW tree, excellent condition $600


If you are interested in trying out a used saddle please come in to the store. For more info about any of the saddle listed please call us at 913.239.9947.